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 Our mission is to promote positive fatherhood experience for kids at risk of becoming delinquent and or psychologically impaired due to father absence. Encouraging, Engaging and supporting churches, nonprofit organizations, individuals and other entities of interest in this cause to promote, sponsor , volunteer or  develop and implement father surrogate or father substitute projects to meet the fatherhood needs of  these at risk population within Broward County and elsewhere.

 Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions or ideas. We are asking for your support which can take many forms: Volunteering,donation,sponsorship, partnerships.

Why Fatherhood     
 Positive fatherhood does impact the life of a child. When  fathers have active and regular interaction with their children these children reap  positive benefits.
For the child whose biological father is absent from his or her life  a positive ' father surrogate' or father substitute is an option and can be just as beneficial.  Testimonies, personal observation and  research show that  a father figure's regular positive contact with another's  child  can reduce delinquent behavior among children in low income families  with a tendency to become delinquent or emotionally impaired.  We believe that  socially and psychologically strong kids are in a better position to improve their learning skills and become well adjusted and resilient in the face of adversity.  Psychologically and emotionally  well adjusted children appear to demonstrate higher self esteem and are highly motivated to achieve. Children  with poor self esteem tend to have relationship problems leading to either isolation or trouble with the law, poor school performance and alteration in brain chemicals.  Most often alteration in brain chemicals progress and/or trigger serious mental illnesses, example anxiety disorders, compulsive obessive disorder ,body dysmorphic disorders and other delusional behaviors. 
A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE.   Help us make a difference in the life of a child negatively impacted by father absence.  Be a father surrogate, ( substitute father) watch them grow.  Feel the joy of saving a mind, it's a terrible thing to waste. For more information call (954) 535 -1089  Email tranquilmanor11@att.net. for additional information.
 VOLUNTEER to be a  Father Surrogate,  Develop a Father Surrogate Program. or sponsor  a father surrogate program.    Tranquil Manor Foundation can show you how        Sign up to  Volunteer or get ideas to start a program.



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