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WHEN DAD DISAPPEARS  FATHER SURROGATE IS AN OPTION - A Father is Born From Many Strangers: Michele Weldon

An Initiative of the Tranquil Manor Foundation a Mental Wellness and Youth Development Organization

You can be a part of this mission by sponsoring the mentoring of one  boy or one young man, or join our Advisory Board to help us bring talents to the project!
Become a Partner in Change!
Mentor a young male struggling with the challenges of growing up without a dad or a trusted friend in their lives

Our new project, Mentoring with a Father's Heart, matches vulnerable boys and young men without active fathers in their lives with dependable adult males who through caring and bonding influence positive behaviors that help them transition into responsible, productive adults. 

A Mentor is God’s Partner in Positive Change

Anthony is a 10-year-old boy in our program growing up without a dad or positive role model. His mother works two jobs and he really needs a mentor in his life. Becoming Anthony’s friend puts us another step closer to our goal of matching 30 male youth including Anthony with 30 mentors and makes a big difference for Anthony.  Please help make this happen by  12/ 31/ 2016.

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